Synchro 🐟 out of πŸ’¦

I have this irrational fear of never being able to find Gluten Free food and “starving to death”. After dining like a queen during the FINA world championships in Budapest I certainly did not expect to be finding many Gluten Free food options on my 3 week long vacation after. So like I usually do, I stuff myself as much as I can before I go haha



My expression when I won’t have gf food in awhile πŸ˜‚

I decided to start this blog since I have a long layover in Madrid and was pleasantly surprised once I started to look for dinner….

Just want to make one thing clear before I begin, I have celiac disease and never chose to be gluten intolerant. If I could eat gluten I would, but I can’t (especially since it will gravely affect my performance as an athlete). Just wanted to clarify as there is quite the discussion about the difference of being on a Gluten Free diet and having celiac disease.

Before starting my 3 week vacation, I had a training camp in Cegled, Hungary and then competed at the FINA world championships in Budapest where I ate like a queen at a wonderful hotel on the Danube river.



One of my exquisite dishes prepared for me at the Grand Danubius Hotel in Budapest


Before departing on my first leg of the trip I visited a few grocery stores with my parents and discovered various Gluten Free products to my surprise! Gluten Free digestive cookies, gf paprika Cheetos, chips… lots of yummy things after a competition!

Now to get to the point of how I started this blog…

I am currently sitting down at a cafe called “Caffrico” in the Madrid airport. Before choosing where to park myself for the next few hours of my layover I was in the search for food. My top choice was McDonalds as I was walking through the terminal. Just as I was going to turn right back around to go to Mcidies, Caffrico caught my eye because there was a yummy looking salad picture in the front. As I looked through the menu I was shocked! I saw a sign that said sin Gluten, and it had a pictures of gf options such as ravioli, panini, bread, muffins… and so that is what I ordered.



As an athlete, I have had the opportunity to travel the world and try many different foods (gf of course) and thought that I should share my experiences with others so that they may enjoy it as well!

IMG_0280It is rare that I eat “SchΓ€r” brand at home but I think will be tempted to treat myself once in awhile since this ravioli with prosciutto is delicious πŸ‘ŒπŸ»